Mobile devices meet new sustainability criteria in TCO Certified

Leading IT brands are moving to certify mobile computers and tablets for sustainability factors. During March-April, 26 models of notebook computers and tablets have met the new, advanced sustainability criteria in TCO Certified, the third…

Forced labour in European universities’ servers and IT equipment

Western European universities spend billions on IT equipment produced by young Chinese students who are forced to work on production lines during so-called internships. This constitutes a gross violation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)…

publication cover - Servants of Servers

Servants of Servers

Rights violations and forced labour in the supply chain of ICT equipment in European universities
publication cover - Servants of Servers

Dell wins Green Electronics Council Catalyst Award for 2015

The Green Electronics Council last week announced Dell as the winner of its 2015 Catalyst Award. The Catalyst Awards are a global celebration of innovative solutions and tangible environmental accomplishments throughout the lifecycle of electronic…

New publication: Dragging out the best deal

New publication: Dragging out the best deal

In the electronics sector, direct labour costs generally represent only 2% of the factory selling price. This article, written by former Philips-consultant Antony Harris, explains how an electronic product that is priced $100 when it…