Who will clean up Silicon Valley’s E-wasteland?

Capitalandmain.nl published the article of Julianne Tveten: Who Will Clean Up Silicon Valley’s E-wasteland? She writes about the conditions that contribute to the production of e-waste, about the solutions and who is most responsible for reaching a…

publication cover - The Poisonous Pearl

The Poisonous Pearl

Occupational chemical poisoning in the electronics industry in the Pearl River Delta, People’s Republic of China
publication cover - The Poisonous Pearl

Phone companies release too many new models, say consumers

A survey commissioned by Greenpeace shows that the majority of consumers think that phone manufacturers release too many new models. Almost half said that they agreed that companies should take more responsibility to support recycling….

Worker of Sony EMSC dragged out of workplace

An employee of Sony EMCS was dragged out of his workplace after he was ordered by HR that he no longer had to attend his job. He insisted the company to provide him with a…