The purpose of the follow-up study on the mobile phone manufacturing industry in India is to update the India section of the SOMO study published in November 2006. It aims to asses the changes and developments in the sector in India since the previous field research was carried out by Cividep during March-September 2006. The 2006 study provided a comprehensive view of the nascent industry while highlighting issues in relation to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that need to be monitored.

This report will map out the major trends in mobile manufacturing in India since 2006, including a snapshot of the structure, size and value of the industry and portraits in brief of the companies currently operating in India. This will be followed by an analysis of the general policy framework that governs the industry, and finally, the paper will highlight the critical issues of concern that are emerging as the industry matures within the Indian context.

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publication cover - Corporate Geography, Labour Conditions and Environmental Standards in the Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry in India