Fairphone aims to support fair materials and incorporate them into their smartphones. Since smartphones contain hundreds of different materials, Fairphone decided to prioritize. Together with The Dragonfly Initiative, they created an overview of key sustainability issues associated with different material supply chains in order to identify where the greatest impact can be made.

Together with the Dragonfly Initiative – a consultancy that helps companies integrate sustainability into their businesses – Fairphone assessed the various materials used in smartphone production and identified on which supply chains the company would focus in the coming years. This resulted in a shortlist of ten materials: tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, cobalt, copper, gallium, indium, nickel, and rare earth metals. These materials represent the most compelling combination of significance and risk, combined with the potential for successful interventions and wide-reaching impact.

Fairphone is aiming to bring together different parties, explore what is possible and selectively focus on the best opportunities for change. Ideally, this would translate into setting up/or supporting initiatives that can be scaled up by larger parties. They invite any businesses, NGOs or individuals who are interested in improving these specific material supply chains to get in touch with Fairphone.

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