Together with The Dragonfly Initiative, Fairphone is working on a scoping study on the social and environmental issues in materials that are found in smartphones. After identifying the main materials to focus on, they now created material profiles with the issues and opportunities related to each of them.

In the first step of this research, that Fairphone carried out together with The Dragonfly Initiative, 10 materials were identified that represent the most promising potential for successful interventions. These findings were published in February. The 10 materials to focus on are: cobalt, copper, gallium, gold, indium, nickel, rare earth elements, tantalum, tin and tungsten.

In the second step of the analysis, Fairphone zoomed in on these 10 materials and looked into the geographies and the application of the materials in each component of the Fairphone to assess where the biggest impact can be made.

Read the main findings here or take a look at the full report. Fairphone is encouraging everyone to share any information that could contribute to the scoping study and by sharing the findings of the research.