Malaysian human rights defender Charles Hector is facing trial in court for alleged defamation of Japanese electronics company Asahi Kosei. The dates of the full trial were set for June 28 and 29, but at the last moment the application for an adjournment of the trial was granted. Charles Hector's lawyer had applied for adjournment on the grounds that the defendant needed more time to prepare the case. Further steps in a legal showcase.

In May 2011, Charles Hector filed an application to join the 31 Burmese migrant workers about whom he blogged as parties in the suit. On 25 May 2011, the court had a hearing regarding this application, but on June 10th the application was dismissed. Subsequently, on 16 June, Charles Hector appealed to the Court of Appeal with regard to this decision. Moreover, he also filed a stay of proceeding of his trial pending the appeal application at the Court of Appeal (on June 20th). This application for stay of proceedings is heard on June 24, and dismissed on June 27.

The trial is, however, adjourned on other grounds, namely the need for more time for the defense. The decision of the Court of Appeal regarding the Burmese workers joining the suit as a party is still expected.