The GoodElectronics network is happy to announce that, through the network’s sub-granting scheme, nine of its member organisations will receive financial support for their activities in 2017. Through workshops, research, advocacy and the creation of information materials, these organisations will contribute further to a more sustainable electronics industry in which workers’ rights are respected throughout the supply chain.

The activities supported by the sub-granting scheme will be conducted by AFREWATCH, Advocates of Science and Technology for the People, Closing the Loop, the European Coalition for Corporate Justice, Finnwatch, Germanwatch, the International Labor Rights Forum, Korean Lawyers for Public Interest and Human Rights, and Pro Ethical Trade Finland. Together, these organisations cover a wide range of topics as well as geographical locations.

Examples of the proposed activities include: a research into pollution caused by a cobalt and copper company in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a workshop on worker-driven monitoring in Hong Kong, a campaign about the environmental and social costs of electronic gadget production in the Philippines, advocacy for responsible public procurement in Finland, and workshops about e-waste recycling in Zambia.

Throughout 2017, updates on the organised activities and the resulting outcomes will be published on the website.

About the GoodElectronics sub-granting scheme

GoodElectronics makes modest grants available to its network members, especially in production countries, through a sub-granting scheme. The sub-grants have been awarded in the context of a 5-year programme co-funded by the European Commission. The scheme is open to all network members, including individuals, organisations and unions. Based on different criteria, such as feasibility and cost-effectiveness, a selection panel made up of GoodElectronics Steering Committee members decides on the allocation of the funds. This year marked the third edition of the sub-granting scheme. The next edition will be launched in the fall of 2017.