Observing. Analysing. Acting.

We actively promote North-South equity and the preservation of livelihoods. We observe, analyse and act. In doing so, we focus on the politics and economics of the North with their worldwide consequences. The situation of marginalised people in the South is the starting point of our work. Together with our members and supporters as well as with other actors in civil society we intend to represent a strong lobby for sustainable development.

We are an independent development and environmental organisation which lobbies for sustainable global development. For us, sustainable development means socially equitable, ecologically sound and economically stable development.

We endeavour to approach our aims by advocating fair trade relations, responsible financial markets, compliance with human rights, and the prevention of dangerous climate change. Our topics are World Trade and Food Security, Climate Protection and Adaptation, Corporate Accountability, the Financial Sector and Sustainability as well as the Financing of Development Cooperation.