After months of pressure and protests of Greenpeace, Samsung finally published a plan to recycle and relaunch Galaxy Note 7 devices that have been recalled due to battery faults.

Worldwide, 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices have been recalled after over a hundred of them burst into flames. Concerned about the environmental impact of the recall, Greenpeace started a petition and staged a protest at the Mobile World Congress event in order to push Samsung to recycle the devices.

In response to the pressure, Samsung published a plan to refurbish the Note 7 devices that have been recalled. The plan also includes detaching the components and retrieving the precious metals of the hardware. However, a detailed timeline is lacking. Also missing from the plan is the intention to change its production system to make sure it never happens again, according to Jude Lee, a Greenpeace East Asia campaigner.

Read here the press release of Greenpeace.