Whereas the European economy plunges further into the crisis with its array of drastic social consequences, HP/EDS management is taking advantage of the current situation to shed jobs and cut wages and benefits. “Nothing justifies the severity of the announced measures. In reality, HP is not a company in crisis. It is a very profitable company which announced excellent results at the end of 2008”, states the strong worded press release by EMF and UNI-Europa.

In a period of uncertainty where governments are trying to restore confidence and maintain purchasing power through stability plans to avoid a long-term economic depression, the EMF and UNI-Europa call on the HP/EDS management to shoulder its responsibility towards its workforce who has contributed to the success and the growth of the company in the recent years.

Furthermore the fact that the HP’s Chief Executive Mark Hurd’s total 2008 compensation rose by 68 % while his workers are being forced to make huge sacrifices, is simply outrageous.

On 29th and 30th January, EMF and UNI-Europa affiliates throughout Europe will undertake local/national actions as a sign of protest against management plans to shed jobs and freeze wages and benefits.

They will call on management to:

  • stop any compulsory redundancies;
  • maintain the skills, knowledge and human capital of the group by giving absolute priority to redeployment, and re-skilling for jobs which are at risk, and to prepare for anticipated skills shortages;
  • provide full information and proper consultation with the trade union/employee representative bodies both at European and national levels;
  • Commit to negotiated solutions