On 17/3/2017, a Human Rights Defenders’ delegation, representing 55 groups, went to Malaysian Human Rights Commission(SUHAKAM) to bring to the attention the issue of Freedom of Association, Union Busting and the Victimization/Discriminization Against Worker Leaders.

The Union President is also wrongfully being prevented by the Company from entering the Union office, and/or carrying out his Union duties/responsibilities. He is also being prevented from being involved in the discussions and negotiations of the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The delegation met with Human Rights Commissioner, Lok Yim Pheng, and had a long meeting and discussion. It is our hope that SUHAKAM will conduct a thorough investigation, and maybe even have an inquiry and do the needful to ensure that human rights is respected and protected.

They hope is that INFINEON, a company that claims to respect worker rights, will not delay matters and will immediately do the needful to respect worker and trade union rights, which are all human rights. As Human Rights Defenders, we shall struggle on until justice is done…

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