IndustriALL brought together industry experts in an online meeting to discuss and consolidate the strategy on battery supply chains.

“We want to increase our leverage along the battery supply chain, which starts in the mines, passes through the chemical industry with its refineries, to the packaging of batteries, to the end-user. We need to accelerate our organizing drive to match the expansion,” said IndustriALL assistant general secretary Kan Matsuzaki.

Alejandro Gonzalez of the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations discussed the EU batteries regulation proposal underscores supply chain due diligence obligations covering human and workers’ rights, as well as health and safety. The proposed regulation carries requirements on sustainability, labelling and information on batteries, as well as on the collection, treatment and recycling.

The online meeting held on June 28 concluded with IndustriALL’s commitment to build union capacity in the battery supply chain through:

  • developing effective due diligence tools to organize workers
  • creating platforms with multinational companies and other stakeholders
  • developing communications with Chinese companies and workers
  • ensuring gender is integrated in union activities and that
  • focusing on sustainable industrial policy and Just Transition

Reposted from IndustriALL.