Every year, we throw away millions of headphones. A small defect – like a cable rupture – can make the entire product useless. Pelican House is a Dutch start-up aiming to contribute to the circular economy by offering high-end, modular headphones via a lease construction (€5/month) with regular updates and repair service.

The headphones have a durable framework that lasts over 10 years. Customers can easily replace their worn/broken parts. The paddings, casing and cable can be modularly attached to the framework. When a module breaks, you will receive a new one within 4 days. The modules are made of recyclable material. Annual updates keep the headphones updated, both in terms of technology and style.

Pelican House aims to reuse 80-85% percent of the headphone. In this way, 40.000 kilogram of waste is saved in the Netherlands every year, and 12 million kilogram worldwide. The crowdfunding campaign aims to attract 400 members to start production of the first batch of 1000 headphones. In the future, Pelican strives to expand their circular business to new product categories.