Malaysian electronics union EIEUNR is critical of the union busting taking place at Molex, where the employer is attempting to deny union members the right to collective bargaining.

During a briefing at Molex Malaysia’s Penang Plant on 7 February, management of Molex Malaysia warned workers not to vote for the Electronics Industry Employees Union Northern Region (EIEUNR).

According to the union, Molex Malaysia’s management threatened workers that they won’t receive bonuses and will have no future if they voted for the union.

A secret ballot scheduled for 22 February has been suspended by the Industrial Relations Department after the union lodged a complaint over the union busting.

EIEUNR president Mohd Razi bin Rahim says:

“Molex Malaysia has unfairly interfered in the process of claiming recognition. We demand a proper worker briefing provided by EIEUNR and the Industrial Relations Department to mitigate the damage done by the management.”

Malaysia’s labour law prohibits employers from interfering in union organizing, yet workers in Malaysia often face intimidation when exercising their right to join a union.

In a letter to Molex chief executive officer Joe Nelligan, IndustriALL Global Union general secretary Atle Høie urges Molex to stop intimidating the workers and respect their freedom of association.

“We wish to remind Molex that through its code of conduct is committed to the non-discrimination principle and lawful employment practices, including respect for workers’ freedom of association.”

The electrical and electronics industry is a key manufacturing sector in Malaysia, accounting for 35 per cent of the country’s total exports, employing about 560,000 workers.

Molex is a global manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic connectivity systems for various industries like data communications, medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics. The company employs more than 45.000 employees worldwide.

Reposted from IndustriALL.