An investigation by the Gaurdian reveals that migrant workers in Samsung’s factories continue to face human rights violations, despite guidelines set out by the company to protect foriegn workers.

The investigation at a Samsung plant in Malaysia, a country where migrant and forced labour is widespread, revealed that the company had improved conditions for some workers since 2016 – though only those under its direct employment. However, Samsung continues to use subcontracted migrant workers who are vulnerable to intimidation, abuse and exploitation from recruitment agencies. These workers reported having to pay extortionate recruitment fees, having their passports confiscated, and being threatened if they spoke to authorities.

When presented with this, Samsung announced it would investigate the issue and reaffired its commitment to protecting the human rights of migrant workers. Yet, the continuing use of low cost and abusive subcontractors, as well as inadequate or ineffective supply chain auditing, highlights a worrying lack of responsibility within Samsung for workers across its supply chain.

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