After Dutch trade union FNV Bondgenoten , Thai Labour Campaign and GoodElectronics handed over a petition to Sony Holding B.V. The Netherlands, Sony Technology in Thailand agreed to reinstate the 18 union leaders who were dismissed in July 2007.

One day after the petition was handed over, Sony The Netherlands communicated that they had started an investigation on the issue and had informed Sony headquarters in Japan. On the 1st of October Sony Technology (Thailand) agreed to reinstate the dismissed Sony Union leaders and promised to pay all their back wages. Thai Labour Campaign, GoodElectronics and FNV welcome the decision taken by Sony Netherlands and Sony Thailand and look forward to improved working conditions and a respectful relationship with the reinstated workers in the future.

Because of a large track record of labour rights violations including poor wages and discrimination against pregnant women at Sony Technology (Thailand), there is an urgent need for a union. The code that was developed by the electronics industry, the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct (EICC), also signed by Sony, states that “suppliers are to respect the rights of workers to associate freely, join labour unions, seek representation and or join workers’ councils in accordance with local laws.” This right of union freedom has not been respected by Sony Thailand, considering the frustration of several attempts to establish a labour union. Also in may this year a group of workers’ leaders at Sony Technology (Thailand) were dismissed due to their attempt to organize a union. Nevertheless the leaders succeeded to have the labour union officially registered.

With the support of Thai Labour Campaign and facilitated by GoodElectronics, the issue was brought under the attention of the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (FNV). On the 13th of September at the trade union museum in Amsterdam, FNV, Thai Labour Campaign and GoodElectronics handed over a petition on behalf of the dismissed workers to Sony Holding B.V. The Netherlands, one of the biggest shareholders of Sony Technology (Thailand).