China Labor Watch reports about two new suicide cases at a Foxconn production production site in Zhengzhou, China. On April 24 and 27, two workers reportedly jumped to their deaths, jumping from an apartment building and a dormitory. Information about the motivation for these dramatic actions is not yet available.

Based on information provided to China Labor Watch (CLW) by workers at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, on April 24 and 27, respectively, two workers at this factory jumped off of buildings to their deaths.

According to workers, on April 24, a 24-year old male worker who began working at the factory on April 22 jumped off of the Yukang dormitory building. From April 25 to 27, the worker's family members set up a banner in front of Foxconn's factory gate in protest of the young man's death, attracting a crowd of workers.
After 6:00 pm on April 27, a 23-year old female worker jumped off of the 12th floor of Fuxin Apartment Building Number Nine. Workers said that she could not be saved by medical respondents, but CLW has not yet confirmed the information with the hospital.
Zhengzhou Foxconn is currently producing Apple's iPhone 5 and is preparing to manufacture Apple's new products.
April 29, Wangyi Finance released a follow-up report that confirms CLW's information. The report also provided even greater detail on the incidents. According to the report, as late as the night of April 27, Foxconn had not sent anyone to talk with the family of the deceased. Below are photos published by Wangyi Finance related to the jumpings.

The parents of the one of the deceased workers tied a banner near the Foxconn gate that reads: "Foxconn doesn't care when its employees jump off of buildings. Heaven won't forgive this!!!"


CLW related report: Beyond  Foxconn : Deplorable Working. Conditions Characterize Apple’s  Entire Supply Chain,  June 2012.