Market leader in chip making TSMC is expanding. As the smartphone market is cooling, the company is looking into producing chips for High-performance computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Co-Chief Executive of the Taiwanese company, Mark Liu, states: “We expect high-performance computing to become our major growth engine from 2020. By 2020 to 2025, that’s the time the need for high-performance computing products will really pick up”.

The production of chips for HPC has been made possible through the provision of infrastructures by ARM Holding, a semiconductor innovator that controls a large percentage of the global smartphone market. Next to that, TSMC is looking into the application of EUV lithography from 2019 onwards.

Still, and at least for the time being, manufacturing for smartphones remains an important source of revenue for the company. Among others, Apple and Qualcomm will source from TSMC its awaited 7-nanometer chips.

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