This week, Ted Smith, coordinator of the International Campaign for Responsible Technology (ICRT) was invited to present the “Challenge to the electronics industry” at the IndustriALL World Conference on ICT, electrical & electronics in Malaysia. The Challenge, which is about the use of chemicals, was developed earlier this year by ICRT, the GoodElectronics Network (GE) and their allies. The participants of the conference adopted a resolution expressing their support for the Challenge.

publication cover - Meeting the Challenge

Meeting the Challenge

Detailed recommendations for the electronics industry regarding the use of chemicals

On behalf of ICRT and GE, Smith also launched a new, accompanying document called ‘Meeting the Challenge’, which includes detailed recommendations for the implementation of the Challenge.

The participants of the IndustriALL conference adopted a final resolution that includes the following language: Continuing IndustriALL’s collaboration with GE and ICRT, in particular endorsing and promoting the Challenge to the Electronics Industry and its accompanying document ‘Meeting the Challenge’

The IndustriALL World Conference on ICT, electrical & electronics convened in Malaysia this week with over 100 union representatives from  Asia, Europe and North America coming together to address sustainable development and workers’ rights in the electronics supply chain.

The Challenge has already been endorsed by over 200 organizations and individuals from more than 40 countries. The Challenge is still open for endorsement