GoodElectronics’ international coordinator Alejandro González looks ahead to the activities that the network and its members will organise in 2017.

Dear GoodElectronics network members and friends,

GoodElectronics wishes all of you a happy new year. The latest issue of the GoodElectronics’ Newsletter proposed six new year’s resolutions for electronics companies. It is now time to work  towards achieving them by continuing to monitor and hold companies accountable for their respect of human rights and sustainability standards.

This year promises to be challenging and dynamic for the Network with many interesting activities already planned by its members, including:

  • Holding a global network meeting (details to be shared soon).
  • Researching and reporting on working conditions in electronic factories in India, Brazil, Mexico, China, Philippines and other countries.
  • Monitoring the gap between industry practices and sustainability standards as set forth in the Chemical Challenge.
  • Conducting several workers’ trainings on different topics including freedom of association, collective bargaining, worker driven monitoring, media skills, occupational health and safety issues, among others.
  • Launching a new GoodElectronics website.
  • Producing some short videos.
  • Researching into pollution caused by a cobalt and copper company in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Researching and advocating on responsible mining.
  • Conducting a workshop on worker-driven monitoring in Hong Kong.
  • Campaigning about the environmental and social costs of electronic gadget production in the Philippines.
  • Advocating for responsible public procurement.
  • Conducting workshops about e-waste recycling in Zambia.
  • Engaging with individual companies around cases of labour rights violations, company codes, occupational health and environmental issues, etc.

GoodElectronics will also continue to provide direct tailor-made support to its members upon request. For instance in the form of corporate information and profiles, contact data of companies, international bodies, civil society organizations, media contacts, campaign suggestions, linking & learning, etc.

A network it’s made by its members, I encourage all of us to build a great GoodElectronics Network  and work together in 2017 towards improving working conditions and sustainability standards in the global electronic industry.

Please send to [email protected] any information you deem important or interesting for the network. We would also be pleased to share your planned activities and results in the website.

Kind regards,

Alejandro González, International Coordinator