The short documentary ‘Whose Wealth? Cobalt from Congo’ has been selected to be screened at the European Short Film Festival in Berlin this October. The film, which was developed by Myrthe Verweij with support from the GoodElectronics Network, shows the impact of cobalt mines on local communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Irresponsible mining practices lead to environmental pollution and human rights violations.

GoodElectronics has been working together with SOMO to reveal the malpractices in the supply chain of cobalt, a metal which is used in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for our smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles.

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The European Short Film Festival aims to bring international independent film to the widest possible audience in Berlin and beyond. They are premiering short films of every genre at Kino Babylon, the unique historical arthouse and rep cinema in the central district of Berlin-Mitte. The screening of ‘Whose Wealth’ is provisionally scheduled for Wednesday, 5 October at 8PM. Updates about the exact date and time of the screening will be available through the festival’s Facebook page.