After the release of SACOM’s investigative report on student interns abuses in Apple’s production line and months of pressuring from international media and activists, Apple has officially admitted student interns abuses in its supply chain. And they promised to eliminate similar problems in the future.

Six high school students told the Financial Times that they were ‘forced’ to work at the Foxconn plant in China in order to graduate. Their work in the factory had nothing to do with their studies. They worked routinely 11 hours a day to assamble the new iPhone X at the factory located in Zhengzhou, China. Foxconn struggled to deliver the iPhone on time. Because students are not allowed to work more than 40 hours a week, these amount of hours of work makes this illegal under Chinese law.

Apple and Foxconn acknowledged that they found out student interns working overtime. They say they have been taken action. But they also say that the students worked voluntarily. The story of the students however shows another situation as described in this article of The Financial Times.

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