Malaysia’s Electronics Industry Employees’ Union Northern Region (EIEUNR) is launching an online petition to call on Apple supplier Molex to stop union-busting and to respect workers’ right to choose their own union and bargain collectively with the employer.

Seven months ago, EIEUNR exposed union busting at Molex Malaysia, who are a supplier to tech giant Apple, as workers were preparing for a secret ballot on joining IndustriALL affiliate EIEUNR.

Management organized a town hall meeting with workers, threatening them not to vote for the union, or else they risk losing bonus and benefits.

The Industrial Relations Department initiated an investigation and put the secret ballot on hold. EIEUNR submitted a voice recording containing the threats of the company management, but has since declined the department’s request for interviews, as it may expose the unionists to further intimidation.

“We urge brothers and sisters all over the world to support this online petition. Without a win in the secret ballot the workers are denied their right to bargain collectively. The union busting is violating Malaysian law as well as international labour standards, but so far no stern action has been taken against the company,”

says EIEUNR general secretary David Arulappen.

“It is outrageous that Molex workers cannot enjoy the right to freely choose their own union. There is clear evidence of workers’ rights being denied and Molex should address it immediately. At the same time, IndustriALL reminds Apple to check their own code of conduct about respect of workers’ rights in their supply chain and make sure EIEUNR is voluntary recognized without further delay at the Molex site in Penang,“

says IndustriALL electrical and electronics director Alexander Ivanou.

Molex is a multinational company focussing on electrical, electronics and fiber optic products. The company’s code of conduct states that it adheres to the non-discrimination principle and lawful employment practices, including respect for workers’ freedom of association. Apple is one of Molex’ major customers.

Reposted from IndustriALL.