After its 2013 report revealed inhumane working conditions at Apple’s largest display screen manufacturer, SACOM conducted a second round of investigations in 2015 and 2016. Labour rights violations are still widespread at Biel Chrystal.

In 2013, GoodElectronics’ member SACOM published ‘Stains on iPhones’ Cover Glass’, in which they revealed abusive and illegal working conditions at Biel Crystal, the largest display screen supplier of Apple. SACOM conducted a second round of undercover investigations in 2015 and 2016. They recently published their findings, showing that there is still ‘blood and sweat behind the screens of the iPhones’.

Findings from the report include that workplace injuries are still frequent, workers are monitored very intensively, and workers are being punished through wage deduction for any violation, even for incidents as minor as workers not finishing their food in time.

Read the full report here.