Photo: Rogério Alves/TV Senado

Coming on the heels of a deadly and environmentally destructive tailings dam collapse in Brazil in 2019, more than 140 NGOs and experts are calling for critical new operating guidelines.

Photo: Rogério Alves/TV Senado

The guidelines are published in a new report from Earthworks, titled “Safety First: Guidelines for Responsible Mine Tailings Management.” Included are 16 recommendations that the signatories hope will be put into practice by regulators and financiers.

The core emphasis of the recommendations is on ensuring the safety of communities located near mining operations. Further, the recommendations place legal responsibility for any incidents with corporate boards of directors.

In contrast, industry-generated recommendations from the Global Tailings Review do not place responsibility with the boards. Nor do they require private insurance for tailings dams, which the Earthworks report calls for.

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