This Friday (3 November 2017) SACOM is calling for an ‘iSlave at 10’ Global Action Day when iPhone X will be launched. Together we can change the labour condition in Apple’s manufacturers. Please join this action day!

Activists – for example activists from Hong Kong, Philippines, USA, UK, Austria, France and Germany – will protest in Apple Shops in their regions and demand Apple to make changes  immediately. The three-major focus and demands of the campaign are:

  1. Full Trade Union Right for All Workers
  2. Double the Basic Wage for Workers’ Basic Living
  3. Stop Labour Flexibilization

This year, during the 10th anniversary of iPhone, SACOM is launching an “iSlave at 10” campaign, disclosing workers interview documentaries, animations and reports to reveal the labour right violations in the previous 10 years.

How to stop the iSlavery?

Join SACOM this Friday in their action against Apple’s labour abuses. There are many options, to do some action outside your local Apple Shop on Friday 3 November. In order to facilitate your preparation, SACOM has created an action kit including some sample of press invitation, press release, factory photos and relevant investigative reports. It includes also three fact sheets with information of the three demands.

SACOM have also released videos of working conditions and worker experiences in Foxconn factories which produce iPhones, available here. With more information available on their Facebook page.

Global Petition: Apple has to Stop iSlavery NOW!

Finally, please sign SACOM’s petition, which can be accessed here.