This book presents an informative overview of the evolving media labor scene, with important theoretical insights by media theorists, as well as a wide range of fascinating case studies that explore everything from workplace sites and worker organizations to examples of workers’ culture and resistance. We learn about electronic workers, journalists, cartoonists, art workers, police and students – all involved with a rapidly changing media world.

The issues discussed are relevant and timely, including (but not limited to) labor convergence/fragmentation, the international division of labor, environmental consequences, workplace conditions, and worker resistance to changing conditions.

In short, a good media job is something still in the making, something to fight for.

Several GoodElectronics members have contributed to the book, including:

  • Ted Smith of ICRT and Chad Raphael on “Health and Safety Policies for Electronics Workers”
  • Anibel Ferus-Comelo on “The New Precariat in India’s Mobile Phone Manufacturing”
  • Pedro Reyes of CEREAL on “Defending Electronics Workers in Mexico”
  • Pauline Overeem on “The GoodElectronics Network: Making IT Fair?”

“Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the labour behind the media.” —Ursula Huws, University of Hertfordshire, author of Labor in the Global Digital Economy: The Cybertariat Comes of Age

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