By researching the working conditions of 3 suppliers and the supply chain management of DELL, this report attempts to reveal how trans-national computer brand companies out-source production, transfer competitive pressure to supplier factories and that eventually impacts on workers.

The electronics industry has developed an industrial code of conduct, the EICC. Yet EICC targets mainly computer brand companies such as DELL and the first-tier suppliers of the brand companies only. This is largely out of touch with the reality of the supply chain operation of the industry and works only to push exploitation downwards and un-reported to small-scale sub-contracting suppliers along the supply chain. Trans-national companies that have direct business interests in China must not be shun from responsibility over the poor working conditions of Chinese workers in their own or supplier factories. Last but not least, trans-national companies proclaim in high profile commitment to social responsibility and yet the real work undertaken is closed to public monitoring and worker participation. The lack of improvement in the everyday reality of workers strongly baffles their high-sounding commitments.

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